Purpose of this portfolio

This portfolio is designed to create a digital time capsule of my career as an educator, instructional technologist, administrator and chiropractic physician, breathing some life into an otherwise stodgy curriculum vita by showcasing some of the major accomplishments in my professional journey. I hope to show my commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement, a quality that I strive to instill in students and colleagues by example. I also seek to stimulate thought, dialog, and collaboration in applying technology in the education of healthcare professionals. Finally, I provide a glimpse into my personal life, helping to understand me in a more holistic, integrated fashion by revealing some of my values, the things I treasure, and interests outside of my career. This portfolio is intended to help current and future colleagues understand my educational and professional values, professional interests, and current endeavors.

Organization of this portfolio:

The framework I’ve used is thematic, focusing on growth and accomplishments in six areas: leading (leadership & administration), teaching, technology, learning, caring (patient care), and living (my life outside of work). Much of it looks at how I have provided service to higher education, students, patients and the chiropractic profession. The artifacts that I have chosen represent some highlights or representative works within each of those categories. In its entirety, the portfolio shows a timeline of my evolution from the beginning of my career through the present.

Unless otherwise noted, all work on this site was created by me.