Information Technology Planning

In late 2007 I assumed responsibility for IT at Western States. Previously this had been under the auspices of the CFO, however following the departure of that administrator and the recruitment of two new administrators, the president engaged his cabinet in a series of planning retreats. I asked for oversight of IT because I wanted to accomplish two things: 1) enhance the use of technology for learning, and 2) seamlessly integrate IT into the institution, rather than treat it as a separate silo. Having IT directly report to the executive VP rather than to the VP for academic affairs or the VP for financial affairs ensures an appropriate balance of allocation of IT resources and planning to both academic and business needs.

Over 2008, we looked at different models for IT operation and staffing. An outside consultant was engaged to look at the IT infrastructure. Following a protracted search for a director of IT who had higher education experience, in June 2008 I employed a new CIO, Kris Rosenberg. Kris and I collaborated on strategic planning for IT at Western States. He brings tremendous technical expertise and project management skills, and I’ve established the vision for IT and educational technology at WSCC. He also was empowered to build an excellent team of IT specialists.

here to see some of the more recent IT projects at UWS.