Anatomical Sciences Building

One of the most recent physical plant projects at Western States was the design and construction of a new anatomical sciences building. This building, which opened in 2011, is the first new building on campus since 2000 and is a key part of the institution’s strategic plan. It combines a state-of-the-art dissection facility with office space for faculty. The HVAC system is designed to provide a very low-odor laboratory environment and to completely isolate heating and cooling systems for the laboratory from that of the other parts of the building.

During the design phase of this project, I authored a brief paper (“
The Future of Gross Anatomy at WSCC”) on the continuing importance of human dissection in the education of chiropractic physicians. This paper was instrumental in gaining approval of the Board of Trustees for this project.

On a separate page, I’ve included
pictures of this project, ranging from drawings from the principal architect on this project to photos of the finished building. The 8500 square foot building contains a large dissection theater with 10 workstations and a demonstration station, a preservation room, changing facilities for students, and offices and workrooms for faculty members.