Educational Technology Leadership

The Educational Technology Leadership program at George Washington University leads to a master’s degree in education and human development. I decided to enter this program in order to better prepare myself to lead strategic planning pertaining to technology in learning at my institution.

The GWU program is unique in that it combines a traditional educational technology program with strategic planning and leadership training. This master’s degree program is particularly well suited for persons in the higher education setting.

The following courses constituted my course of study at GWU:
  • EDUC 230 Managing Computer Applications
  • EDUC 231 Educational Hardware Systems
  • EDUC 232 Applying Educational Media and Technology
  • EDUC 234 Computers in Education and Human Development
  • EDUC 265 Developing Multimedia Materials
  • EDUC 268 Leadership in Education
  • EDUC 271 Policy Making in Education
  • EDUC 295 Quantitative Methods II
  • EDUC 237 Instructional Needs Analysis
  • EDUC 261 Developing Effective Training with Technology
  • EDUC 266 Developing Digital Professional Portfolios

I also took these courses in educational technology at University of Columbia-Missouri:
  • ISLT 7377 Introduction to Technology in Schools
  • ISLT 7360 Introduction to Web Development
  • ISLT 9377 Instructional Systems Design