Institute for Educational Management (IEM)

IEM is a three-week program of the Harvard Graduate School of Education that “focuses on the critical stewardship role that senior-level administrators play on behalf of the entire institution”. I attended this in the summer of 1997 (July 6-25), staying in graduate student housing in Cambridge. The schedule was demanding, with classes starting at 8 am and continuing until 5 pm each day. The program, as is typical for many of Harvard’s graduate programs, is case-based, so each night we had to analyze actual cases from higher education and be prepared to discuss these cases in large groups and small-group seminars. Optional evening programs were also provided and were attended by almost all of the 100 participants. The faculty was composed of distinguished professors from Harvard and other institutions. Guest speakers were brought in from various disciplines and domains, including the State Department and the news media.

Here’s how the three weeks were spent:
Week One
  • Introduction to the case method of learning
  • Approaches to leadership
  • External leadership
  • Governance
  • Leadership in organizations
  • Technology
  • Financial management
Week Two
  • Academic administration
  • Diversity and community
  • Law, policy and the common good
  • Academic leadership
  • Leadership interviews
Week Three
  • Financial management
  • Participative budgeting
  • Strategic planning
  • Goals and purposes

Here’s a link to the
Harvard IEM site.