Faculty Development

Surveys of the faculty in 2005-6 showed considerable interest in learning about course/learning management systems. Moodle, an open source LMS, was installed for faculty use, but little activity ensued because of time constraints and unfamiliarity with the system. In 2008 I performed a formal needs assessment and designed a series of workshops to introduce faculty to the concepts of a LMS and to the basic features and uses of Moodle. These workshops, “Learning to Use Moodle” were presented in a blended-learning format, with four 45-minute lecture/demonstrations accompanied by a Moodle course site with supporting materials and activities. Additionally each participating faculty member had a Moodle course site to use as a “sandbox”.

picture of live demo from workshop

Here's a screenshot of what Session 1 of the 4 part workshop series consisted of; this is from the Moodle course site: (note - the links in these screenshots are not active on this page)
Session 1 screenshot

Here's Session 2:
Session 2 screenshot

Here's Session 3:
Session 3 screenshot

Here's the final session:
Session 4 screenshot