Strategic Planning

I’ve overseen strategic planning at two institutions. When effective, the process involves people at all levels throughout the campus. The vice presidents each work with their respective teams to review the institutional goals, vision and major priorities established by the Board of Trustees and the president. I worked with the VPs to coordinate the process and to ensure that there is linkage of initiatives to goals and the budget.

Some illustrative strategic planning initiatives:

1) The development of a new institutional mission. The University of Western States originally was a single-purpose college. In the late 2000’s, the college developed a strategic plan to evolve into a university structure, diversifying its academic portfolio and growing as a resource to the community and the healthcare professions. I led a task force that guided the institution through that process and the related rebranding. As an integral part of the transition, the institution needed to develop a new mission statement, vision statement and statement of values. Here's the process I used to lead the campus through developing a new mission statement.

2) Implementation of instructional technology in a new anatomical sciences building. This is the first new facility constructed on campus since 2000 and will help address a significant need for better instructional space for gross anatomy, as well as office space for faculty members. This project helps illustrate the effective blend of instructional technology with traditional teaching methods. Click here to learn more about this project.

3) The rebuilding of IT services and infrastructure on campus.
IT had not received appropriate attention for many years at the institution and provided very little support directly for instruction. When I assumed responsibility for IT in late 2007, I made it a priority. Click here to learn more about IT improvements at the institution over the past few years.