Administrative Path

In 1995, I was transitioned from my position as Dean of Clinics to a new administrative appointment as Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs. This was the start of my pathway into senior administration. Under the mentorship of an experienced VP, I began to learn the intricacies, processes and tricks of the trade of academic administration. Since that time, I’ve also had the opportunity to receive formal training, some of which is highlighted in this portfolio.

Harvard Graduate School of Education - Institute for Educational Management

In 1997, I attended the prestigious IEM program for senior-level higher education administrators. Click here to learn more about my experiences at IEM.

Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis Center on Philanthropy

IUPUI’s Fundraising School is a unique program designed to hone fundraising skills. I received a certificate in fund raising management in 2007. Click here to learn more about my certificate.

George Washington University - Educational Techology Leadership

To better prepare my institution for strategic planning in the use of technology in learning, I enrolled in the GWU ETL master’s degree program. Click here to learn more about my ETL experience.

Miscellaneous Workshops

The depth and breadth of challenges and opportunities for professional and personal development in administration can be further explored through dialog with colleagues and by attending conferences and workshops. I’ve listed many of these programs that I’ve attended in my full CV. To see a few of these workshops that I’ve chosen to highlight, click here.