Redesign of the Campus “View Box Room”

The view box room (or VBR) at Western States is a laboratory filled with tabletop radiology view boxes and used for teaching interpretation of x-rays, MRIs and CT scans. The existing VBR is rather dated and many of the instructional x-ray films can no longer be purchased for replacement or augmentation of the teaching collection. Working with two GWU colleagues, we designed a new laboratory that would incorporate technology and digital images as the primary medium, but still allow for the use of existing analog media. Another important aspect is that unlike the existing VBR that is so specialized that it is only used a few hours of the week, the new laboratory would allow for a much greater utilization rate because it can be used for other computing purposes when not being used as a radiology lab. It is hoped that this project will be realized in 2012.

Here’s the paper describing the project: