CaseCreator Software

CaseCreator is a software application I created to author and present patient simulations for problem-based learning. It began as a very modest HyperCard project that allowed me to present patient cases in the large group setting using a computer and video projector. The project grew over the years and the most recent versions were written in SuperCard. It contains over 1500 different data points (questions asked of the patient, physical exam procedures, laboratory tests, imaging procedures, and other special diagnostic studies. It uses a graphic-user interface that allows the user to “question” or “examine” the patient by clicking on the appropriate body area and selecting from a popup hierarchal menu. The case authoring module allows a clinician to create new simulations by entering data in response to prompts. Unique aspects of the software include the ability to help the clinician select appropriate responses, and also to create authentic laboratory results.

Below is a 4-minute tour of the software. It’s a large file, so give it some time to load. You will need QuickTime Player to play this movie. You can download that

If you don’t have time to watch the tour, you might rather see some screenshots of the CaseCreator software. Click
here to view the screenshots.